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Meet Victoria

Just a few quick facts about yours truly!

Age: Teen
Fur Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Size: A little smaller than most cats
Name: Victoria
Jellicle Name: I've known you how long? Five minutes?
Third Name: See "The Naming of Cats" if you can't figure out why this is a stupid question.
Interests: Creating websites, Cats and other musicals, Jacob Brent, lounging, reading email, being a stereotypical cat, being a not-so-typical cat

A couple of quick explanations in case you're confused.

Q: Victoria?

A: Yes, I'm Victoria. No, I'm not THAT Victoria. My human calls me Victoria because I do look just like her. What can I say? My human has good taste!

Q: What's with the Jacob Brent thing?

A: Well, every website needs a recurring theme...

No, to answer the question seriously, I basically became a fan because my human did. She watched the video so many times that I couldn't help noticing such a wonderful dancer/actor/singer! Then when she started looking for information about him on the Internet, I read over her shoulder. Now we both absolutely adore him!

Hugs and purrs,

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