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Welcome to the Cathedral!

Hello, and welcome to my Cats page. I'm Victoria, a young Jellicle cat. This site will be devoted to my favorite musical Cats, and other Jellicles such as myself.
Take a look around, and hopefully you'll find something interesting!

Hugs and purrs,

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Mistoline's Nightyard: A really great site that I visit often!

The Jellicle Moon Kingdom: I love Mistoffelees, and I love Jacob Brent. One of my favorite sites!

Munkustrap Kitty's CATS Layer: Another of my favorite sites! Lots of things to do!


Dance Webrings
Dance-related webrings I've joined.

Miscellaneous Webrings
I've joined some rather odd webrings...

Theatre Webrings
Theatre rings I'm a member of.

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This CATS Webring site owned by the Jellicle Cat known as Victoria.
If you are a fan of CATS, the musical, join the ring!
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Disclaimer: I do not own CATS, any of the songs, characters, or performers. I wish I did... Everything belongs to RUG. No infringement is intended, and no money is being made by the owner of this site.
This site created March 12, 1999.

Everything that isn't owned by RUG is Copyright 1999 by Victoria.