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I know that everyone already knows this, but I'm not taking any chances!

Basically everything Cats-related is owned and copyrighted by the RUG.

I'm not making any money by using their wonderful material. It's all just for fun, so it's not worth getting angry over copyright issues.

I don't think I'm using any images that aren't for public use, but if I am, please email me and I'll remove your image as soon as possible.

Every image I do use has a link to the page where I found it. (Thanks, everyone!)

The images on the Character pages are from Rumpleteazer's Hideout. There is a link on each page, but I didn't have time to link each picture individually.

The fanfiction belongs to the author. (Thanks, Megera, Tamanoella, and Lightspeed!)

I'm a little afraid that people will think I'm trying to compete with the other Jacob Brent fan clubs. I'm definitely not! I fully support the other JB clubs. If you don't like my fan club but you're a fan, please join one or all of the other clubs!

Jacob's Tuxedo Shadow
The JELLICLE Society
The Jacob Brent Guardian Angels

This isn't about seeing which club can recruit the most members. I just want Jacob to know how much he is loved and admired. He deserves it! So if you're a fan, join a club!

I'm not really sure who to thank for helping with this site, because it has been almost purely a solo effort. I'm almost proud of that fact.

I would like to thank my human's best friend. In her conversations with my human (not that I was eavesdropping or anything), she has mentioned a few ideas that I've adapted for this website. She is also a constant source of encouragement, and for that I'm extremely grateful. (She found the site one day. I think my human is still clueless at this point. Too involved with dance, I suppose.)

The JWS is MINE. I hate to sound mean about it, but I've spent a lot of time and energy on that fan club. The original concept is mine, and all of the star information on the site is based on hours and hours of research.

If someone wants to use the "wishing stars for a star" idea, please email me. I'm generally a nice cat, and I'll most likely let you use it, as long as I get some credit for the original idea.

If you want to use it as a Jacob Brent fan club, um, well...

Ahem. No.

That should be everything. A special thank you to everyone that visits the Cathedral. I'm working very hard on the site, and I appreciate anyone that shows interest in it. I don't want my paws to get sore for nothing!

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