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Site of the Month

I don't have an award to give out, but I can still promote great sites!

I'd like to stay away from the truly phenomenal sites that always win everything. This will be for smaller or newer sites, or sites that are rapidly improving. Even larger sites that haven't gotten the recognition they deserve are eligible.

I am not accepting nominations. I will go through my list of links and pick my favorite sites.

For June, in honor of the anniversary of the Broadway production, the winners will be the "truly phenomenal sites that always win everything." Starting in July, I will choose one website each month to be Site of the Month.

July Winner

Mistoline's Nightyard

Why: Why not? She has everything you could want in a Cats website - pictures, sounds, characters descriptions, several message boards, fanfiction, roleplaying, a Jacob Brent fan club.... the list goes on and on! Check it out, and prepare to be amazed!

Congratulations, Mistoline!

June Winners (in no particular order)

When you think of Cats websites, these are the sites that come to mind first. All are informative and original, definitely worth visiting more than once.

The World of Jellicle Cats

The Ultimate CATS Homepage

Congratulations to the winners! Check back in August for next month's winners!

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