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A Chorus Line

Okay, if you're here, there are three possibilities. One - you are from West Virginia. Two - you were bored. Three - you thought I was lying and this page would be about Cats. Either way, it doesn't really matter. The purpose of this page is to inform West Virginians about a wonderful experience!

The Charleston Light Opera Guild is currently putting on A Chorus Line. I was lucky enough to attend the opening night performance, and I can honestly say that it was magnificent. The cast is wonderful (*Victoria glances around nervously, humming "I Can Do That"* *grinning purrs for anyone that gets the reference* see note below), the staging and choreography were great, and it was just a fabulous show. I can't say enough about the dancers. It's hard to believe these people aren't on Broadway! (*Victoria glances around again*) True, the show has its mature moments, but it has been toned down from the original version.

Any adult theatre lovers in the area should definitely try to attend. Tickets are $12, and shows are Friday and Saturday nights for the next three weeks. The theatre is located on the corner of Tennessee and Roane in Charleston, WV. The Cathedral Cat highly recommends it. As a matter of fact, she is trying desperately to go again, but she doesn't see that happening anytime soon. *sighing purrs*

Thank you for your time! Now go back to the Cathedral!

Note: If you don't get the reference above, check out the address of this page (the .html part). Then go see the show. You'll understand very quickly. If you do know who I'm talking about (Elizabeth...), EMAIL me, for Heaviside's sake!