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Because I love my human so much (and because it's her computer after all), I've decided to devote a page to her!

And so, Victoria proudly presents...

My Human

Yes, I know that sounds stupid, but she probably doesn't want her name revealed online. All the information on this page was taken from little things she has said to me. (Yes, she talks to her cat! What's wrong with that?) I can't guarantee that everything is accurate, because I can't ask her! Anyway!

The Basics

Age: Under 30
Height: 5'1"
Eye Color: Blue/Grey
Hair Color: Light Brown
Interests: Music, reading, Internet, musical theatre, dance...


Cat from Cats: Mistoffelees
Song from Cats: Mr. Mistoffelees
Actor from Cats: Jacob Brent
Actress from Cats: Jo Gibb
Cat she'd like to play: Rumpelteazer, Jemima, or Victoria


Band (3rd chair Flute)
Natural Helpers
Pep Club
French Club
Church Youth Group (VP)

Anything Else?

Not really. She plays piano, flute, and tenor sax, and is very nice to her cat!

She's dedicated to dance, thanks to her hero Jacob Brent. Besides a four-hour weekly dance class, she practices as often as she can on her own.

She recently attended a summer arts camp and had two wonderful dance teachers. Now she's feeling a slight *coughing purrs* dissatisfaction with her current class, but anyway...

Her latest obsession is A Chorus Line, mostly because she can relate to it.

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