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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, okay, I haven't actually received any questions about the site. I think it's safer to go ahead and answer some possible questions now before I get them later.

Q 1: What's with the color scheme?

A 1: What color scheme?

Q 2: I mean, why do you use the same colors over and over?

A 2: Do I really? Because certain colors only go with certain colors. Having any color background other than black or white severely limits your options!
I also don't have the organizational skills to deal with fifty-odd shades of blue.

Q 3: What's with the stupid lines?

A 3: Well, yes, I'll admit I'm not T. S. Eliot...I'm only a young cat you know!

Q 4: No, moron! I meant the stupid horizontal bar thingies! They're everywhere!

A 4: Oh. Yes, I'm very fond of horizontal rules as dividers. No big reason. I just like them.

Q 5: Then why the boring gray lines?

A 5: While I do like their more colorful counterparts, that would mean color-coordinating. Ahem. No.

Q 6: Is that also why you're anti-images?

A 6: By Heaviside, I'm pro-images if anything! Haven't you seen the Links page? The reason I don't use images is that I don't have any images to use!

Q 7: What's your deal about color-coordinating?

A 7: *sigh* I have nothing against color-coordinating. It just takes time, and right now I'm more concerned with content than color.
I'm trying to be at least semi-creative. My dream website would be black backgrounds with white text. Then I could use colorful horizontal rules and images without regard for coordination! Instead, I'm using different background colors with whatever colors are visible on them. I'm trying, I'm trying!

Q 8: Why's everyone so obsessed with Jacob Brent?

A 8: Why are you asking me? Look, maybe later I'll make a page dedicated to the many wonderful adjectives that could describe him, but for now I'll keep it short.

He's a great dancer/actor/singer. Supposedly he's really nice. He doesn't exactly look bad.

I shouldn't have done that. Now everyone's going to send me all of the things they like about him. Soon I'll have enough for the "Top 100 Reasons We Love Jacob Brent."

Q 9: Is that a bad thing?

A 9: *pause* Well, no, actually it isn't. Feel free to send me those reasons, everyone!

Q 10: Is your website ever going to be interesting?

A 10: *thoughtful pause* If I ever stop typing pointless things like this. This was a spur-of-the-moment idea, and it only took me about 20 minutes, but still! I should have been working on something interesting! I should be working on something interesting now instead of lecturing myself about it! By Heaviside!

Q 11: Where did you get the idea for your fan club?

A 11: I made an entire page to explain that. For a long-winded speech on the subject, read The History of the JWS. If you have any questions, you can always email me.

Q 12: So you're the Cathedral Cat now?

A 12: Yes. Victoria, the Cathedral Cat. Has a nice ring, doesn't it? This isn't the only site I run, and I'm certainly not the only Victoria. I needed a more specific title, and I think that so far I have the only Cats Cathedral.

If you have any questions, please email me!

Tell me why you love Jacob Brent! (You know, it's usually the spur-of-the-moment ideas that get me into the most trouble...)

And for the record, I'm not obsessed. I just think he's a great dancer/actor/singer. And he does seem pretty cool, for a human.

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