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Author's note: This story has nothing to do with RUG or such, this only just for fun so yell at me not the owner of this page! The same with the Phantom of the Opera theme and I just thought it'd be cool to let both Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals collide. And I've never seen CATS in live or Phantom ever! I know of other fanfics and I love 'em all but this one is just more like a fun-fantasy to me so please don't kill over my first story.

Phantomess of the Jellicles

by Lightspeed

The greatest escape artists have something to learn from Miss WinterLite's disappearing turn. But you'd know her if you saw her for her eyes were mirrors within. Her crystal coat and frame were clearly glass thin. Every night after her past's death, she'd watch them dance. Look once, and once again, she didn't seem to be there!

^ Some time after Grizabella's ascent to the Heavyside Layer ^

Chapter 1

Back paws, front paw. Back paws, front paw, WinterLite thought. She pulled her right forepaw tighter against her torso and limped on. All four paw pads were bleeding but that leg had been bitten by that mean Pollicle and now it ached enough when she wasn't walking on it. Winter now longed for the cold season she was named after. The snow would comfort her blistering paws and numb some of the pain, plus she wouldn't have to walk on the sharp gravel. Winter sighed and trudged on, knowing that even in England it couldn't snow in August. Her steps gradually came to a stop and she flopped over, as Winter put all knowing of the world back herself.

Meanwhile, in the Jellicle junkyard, everything was going as normal. Rum Tum Tugger was being admired by the Queens, Mistoffelees was practicing his magic, Demeter was digging through the debris pile and so on. But Bombalurina was bored, very very bored. So this reddish cat decided to take a walk outside the junkyard. (Yes, she was THAT bored.) Bom bounded over fences, boxes, and trash cans.

When she jumped down from a dumpster, Bom landed on something soft and rolled over with an "oof". She sprang up in a defense position, her fur on its end. Bom calmed down as she realized she had tripped on another cat! The cat Bom fell upon, grimaced in pain but made no noise. It tried to get to its feet but collapsed in pain. The cat, now Bom saw it was a she, blinked her large purple-blue eyes at Bom, as if saying "please end it all, please". Bom wrapped her arms around the female feline. The grey cat struggled little and gave up her futile tries. And Bom began the ascent home.

WinterLite stretched out. She had the most wonderful dream. A feline queen had taken her a place beside a fire. Winter usually didn't like fires but now she wouldn't mind one after this dream. Lite's eyes fluttered open and she gave a gasp of delight. It wasn't a dream after all! Winter sat on a bed of rags and beaten pillows. The bed was so cozy.

"Good thing you're awake now, dearie. I was worried that salve Skimble gave me didn't work." The red female from Winter's dream was standing beside the bed. "And sit down, you're still weak." Bom gentle pushed the young girl back down. "But since you're awake, we'll be introduced. My name is Bombalurina. And you're name is...?"

The kitten opened her mouth and made a strange airy sound but nothing came out. The kitten's brow furrowed and she tried again. She looked up at Bom with frightened eyes but she still made no noise.

"Kitten, can't you talk?" Bom inquired.

The young cat girl tried to say something again and reluctantly shook her head no. Her eyes stared at Bom full of distress and the reddish queen realized that the purple eyes could show more expression than the rest of her face.

"Then how about I..." she paused, "how about I rename you?" A sweet little nod informed her yes. "How about Trumplespites?" A face that looked like I ate dog food was made. "Speedy?" Same reaction. "Whittington's next best friend?" A confused look. "Heaven's alumnus?" Apparently the silver cat didn't like any of these names.

Then she thought long and hard. "How about Winger?" Both felines liked the name and "Winger" threw her arms around the Queens as a thanking gesture. Bombalurina saw that even in those strong arms there was a tiny kitten, smaller than even Elektra had ever been for some deep reason.

Bombalurina, also, now realized she hadn't any family other than Demeter who has now a permanent mate for Munkustrap and had her new batch of kittens. And Bom jealous of them and would have loved to have a family. At that time, a generous thought struck her mind that she would be able to thank the Everlasting Cat for. "Dearie, would to become adopted...uh, child?"

'Winger' burst into silent tears for she had never had a nice family ever as this lady had been in the last few minutes. Of course she'd accept! And there, began the new life. Precisely I should say there really was the cause and beginning of many new lives.

Chapter - 2

Bom had made a wonderful mother. She had a nice cozy box in the junkyard to live in. She kept her new child well fed and made sure Winger was healthy.

But the child, herself, was amazing! This didn't show at first from her lack of speech but one night Bom and her visiting sister Demeter, had caught Winger reading a thick novel most humans couldn't read or understand. Her mother was so proud. Bom's child now seemed like Heavyside Layer's gift to her.

But, not only had this young Queen become smart and throw it out as a surprise, she was also able to out run anyone or anything. Winger could run faster than any other Cat in the tribe, thanks to her long thin body. Wing had beaten even Alonzo and Pouncival in races.

Though our main character's talents were wondrous, the Jellicles were somewhat hesitant to accept her. Such as, when Etcetera and Victoria was invited to meet this new addition to the family, they stayed away from Winger with huge eyes and it wasn't until Jellylorum scolded them that the two came near her. They naturally did like this Cat immediately with her playful personality and tirelessness. All three girls giggled (Winger kinda smiled/giggled but close enough) all after-noon. Sadly, some did not even care to be near the newcomer. Electra caught a scent of movement in Wing's air because 'Lectra took a distaste for Winger.

Before long, the Jellicle Ball came. Winger was extremely nervous yet completely excited about her first Ball. She loved dancing and wanted to meet some more Cats. Maybe even some Toms. *teeheeheehehe!* Sure she was dumb (that means a mute, speechless, or voiceless not stupid.) but all Winger would do would be to mouth all the words. Mr. Mistoffelees was to be there, surely. And best of all! This was the year Winger would be allowed into the adult group.

Anywho, on the night before the grand Jellicle Ball, Bombalurina strode into the area where Winger was supposedly living. "Are you still reading? If you read too much, miss scholar, you'll head hurt too much to go to the Ball." Bom nagged.

Winger shook her head as if saying, no can't be true, I've read for hours before and that's never happened. But Wing put her book, Myst: Book of Dn'I away, back in her pile of books and rolled over in her bed. Winger sat there thinking of her past life.

Those awful nights. Mother and father fought a lot and forgot they had four kittens to take care of so often. Wing's mother would frequently come into their childs' room and cuddle against Winger. She'd say, "my little Wintry, someday you'll be a great Cat and you'll father will be proud of you." Winter knew that her father often came home after drinking some beer left behind the liquor store. The he'd yell and scream at his children and at her mother. Father especially hated her, for being an angel, for behaving, never stealing or fighting, and for being so kind and gentle. Father wanted a Tom like Macavity. He got that same Tom too. Minutes after she was born, Macavity was born in her litter...

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