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Director's Out Takes

by Megera

Ever wondered what the cats of CATS had to do to get everything perfect? Well, here are some examples of what might have gone wrong:

1. In "Mr. Mistoffelees" when Misto has someone throw him the can that he pulls a ribbon out of, instead of catching it he misses and it hits him in the head knocking him out cold!
Director - Again? Get a medic out there!

2. During Rum Tum Tugger, when he sways his hips at Victoria and Etcetera, he swings too hard and hits them in the head with his butt!

3. In "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" (when they say..."or you'd say it was weather.....") Rumple starts laughing uncontrollably.
Director - Cut! What is it this time, Gibb?
Rumpleteazer - Sorry! Jerrie looks funny when he sticks out his tongue!
Director - Get it right this time! Action!
"Or you'd say it was weath..Ahahahaaha!"
Director - **sigh** I should have asked for the London Tour Group

4. ::Macavity makes one of his entrances:: Mmwahahahaha!!
Director - Cut!!
Macavity - What?
Director - A little more effort please!
Macavity - MMMWWWahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Director - Cut!
Macavity - What now?!?!
Director - Not so maniac! Again, please!
Macavity - Mwwahahahahahaha!!!!
Director - Cut!
Macavity - #@^(^!!$^^^##!!!! WHAT!
Director - The lens cap was on the camera. Can you do it again, just like that?

5. When Munkustrap introduces Rumpus Cat during "The Pekes and the Pollicles", and says, ".....and his jaws were amazing...." Rumpus tries to swat at him but Munku doesn't duck quick enough, and Rumpus hits him upside the head!
Director - Munkustrap? Get me some coffee! He's gonna be out for a while.

6. After the fight scene, Munku and Demeter are rubbing heads, but they come together too soon and bump heads! ::Both actors burst out laughing::

7. Right before Demeter pounces on Macavity dressed up as Old D, Pouncival stands up and says, "Hey Munkustrap! Control your woman!"
**offstage laughter**

8. When Etcetera "swings through the air like a flying trapeze" she is unable to let go in time and she slams into the wall.
Director - Get a medic out there! Gonna be a long night.

9. During the fight scene, when Macavity throws Munku and walks over him, Munkustrap raises his leg accidentally and hits Macavity in the groin.
Macavity - OOOOWWWW!
Munku - Sorry!
Director - Eeeww. Put some ice on it!

10. Right when Demeter gets ready to pounce on Macavity dressed up as Old Deuteronomy, she misjudges how hard to jump and springs onto him too hard, knocking them both over.

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