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How to Tell if You're In Love With Bombalurina

1. You tell all your friends to call you, "Tugger."

2. You wear a spiked collar, just like hers.

3. You call your best friend, "Demeter" and he's a guy.

4. You wear a lot of red.

5. You perm your hair until it frizzes out like hers.

6. When you go to see CATS live, you hold out a sign that says "Will you marry me?" every time she comes out on the stage.

7. You get press-on finger nails and paint them red to match her.

8. You work up a fighting maneuver, so when Macavity tries to steal her, you can whoop him!

9. When you see a red cat on the street you follow it around reading it poetry and saying, "I love you."

10. You think you're too short, so you get leg implants to be as tall as her.

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