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Jellicles Are

by Tamanoella


"Wow," was the only word spoken after a five minute silence from the kids. The cat now named Rum Tum Tugger looked at them with an expression of hopelessness. Then Olivia and Jill took off down the hall screaming, "MOM MOM!!! THE CATS ARE CATS!" "Well of course they are!" said Susan, who was trying to read a book. "NO COME SEE!" shouted Jill, and with Olivia's help Susan was in their bedrom. "LOOKIT'STHEMTHEY'RECATSTHATLIVEINOURHOUSE!" Susan had been a mother long enough to understand what they were saying. "Of course they are..." "NONOTHEY'REFROMTHEMUSICAL!!" "Listen, Olivia, Jill, we all know how much you like Cats, but it's not real, so please unpack your things and settle down," said Susan firmly and went downstairs.

As the cats settled around their room Olivia and Jill contemplated what had happened. "I see why you recognized Tugger first, I swear you're in love with that cat," muttered Jill to Olivia. "Like it really matters, he stands out a lot," hissed Olivia back. "Eek, didn't mean to be rude, "said Jill and scooped up the newly named Alonzo. He shrieked and yowled. "Ummm...Alonzo's not a cat to cuddle with Jill," lectured Olivia. "Here, this is a good one." Olivia reached down and grabbed Etcetera away from Tugger. She yowled, then realizing she was being petted started to purr.

The next day was interesting. Paul had called the normal six times to get them to come down to breakfast. But as soon as they woke up they felt strange. Jill, because she knew they were living in the house with the cast of a made-up musical, and Olivia, because she woke up with a red tom cat on her face. "MACAVITY!" she screamed in annoyance. Demeter shot up from the chair where she had slept and ran beneath the bed. "Oops," said Olivia to the bed and got up to wash her face. Macavity only sniffed. At breakfast they got a little more time to be with the cats when Susan had found there wasn't any milk. "That's strange," exclaimed Susan, "I put some in there last night." Olivia and Jill exchanged glances.

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