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Jellicles Are

by Tamanoella

Chapter 1. The New Inhabitants

Olivia and Jill sat in the back of the car. Jill was pouring over a copy of Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, Olivia was listening to her Cats CD. As The Addressing of Cats finished Olivia turned off her CD player and stared out the window. "Why do we have to do this?" asked Jill, breaking the silence. They were moving out to a new house in the country, about 3 miles from the nearest town. Olivia and Jill's parents had decided to move there, because they wanted some peace. Olivia figured it was because they were having a mid-life crisis.

"Well, here we are!" said Susan cheerfully and stepped out of the car. Olivia and Jill, much less cheerfully, dragged themselves out. As soon as they had stepped out of the car an old man can to greet them. "'Ello there! It'z be me, Charlie! Just 'ere to welcome ya to yer new 'ouse!" "This is Charlie," explained Susan to Olivia and Hill, "He's the person we're buying the house from." Charlie began speaking again and what he said this time was the first thing that had gone well for Jill and her sister the whole day. "Now I heard ya little laddies like catz? Am I not righ'? Now I hadz meself a whole great bunch of them felinez in me house and figurd' you 'ere gonna want them."

Olivia and Jill grinned at each other and raced inside the big farmhouse. Once inside a wave of cats hit them, sending them to the floor, under what seemed like thousands of cold paws. Olivia pulled a red cat with black stripes off her face, while Jill was prying another red cat, though a lot larger off her leg. Finally it let go and the cats assembled around them, sniffing their feet and such. A large mane coon stepped out from the group and meowed impatiently. "What do you want?" asked Olivia. Just then Charlie walked in, "I see 'ere you've met my 'ere catz," he turned to the cat who had stepped out "This 'ere is Alexander, though you're free to make up all new namez for these catz" Olivia could have sworn the cat had grimaced at Alezander, "He'z a tough one that he iz." Chuckling Charlie left to give a tour to Paul and Susan.

Jill reached down and petted a dainty, white, female, "So Olivia, what do you think we should name these guys? I think they could use some new names. Olivia?" Olivia was staring at the tom who had been introduced to them a minnute ago. "Jill..." She began, "Where have you seen that before?" The tom was laying down, surrounding him were 6 queens, all purring contently. "I don't know, I know I have" said Jill. "I wond-OH MY GOD!" Screached Olivia. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?" asked Jill in a tense voice. "Jill, I don't want to sound crazy here, but...." "But what?" "That is Rum Tum Tugger... And these are all cats from Cats..." whispered Olivia. "My God..." mouthed Jill, and they both stood frozen.


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