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How to Tell if Your Fear and Hate for Macavity are Throwing You Off Your Rocker

by Megera

1. Whenever you get mad you punch out your Macavity pillow.

2. Whenever you see a rat, you say, "Watch out! He probably works for Macavity!"

3. You run away when someone starts to introduce their cat as "Mac....", even though it could be McCoy or Macaroni.

4. When you see a catfight, you start cheering like a maniac for Munkustrap.

5. You try desperately to get Demeter in counseling, since she used to date him.

6. When your best friend has a bad hair day and is wearing a red and white striped outfit, you scream, "Diiiiiee!" and brutally attack him or her.

7. When you're watching a horror movie and the villain comes out wailing, "MMwwahahaha!!" you run out of the theater screaming.

8. You can't say his name without fear of losing bladder control.

9. You beg an artist to paint a life-sized portrait of him so you can use it to throw darts at.

10. As much as you don't want to, you get a pollicle, in case he ever comes sneaking around your neighborhood.

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