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Many people were NOT understanding the basic idea of what I'm trying to do here. So, I'm going to make it much, much, much more simple!

1. Choose a constellation from this list. Do NOT invent your own constellation. If you're going to have one specific wish, please choose a constellation related to it. For instance, if you're going to wish for guidance, choose the compasses.

2. Fill out the form. All spaces must have answers, or you won't be considered a member.
I reserve the right to deny membership.

3. That's all! I'll tell you which star in your constellation belongs to you, with the first person to ask for the constellation being Alpha, etc. If I run out of stars in a constellation, I'll ask you to choose another, so have a backup plan just in case.

To anyone that was here before, obviously I've changed things a lot. The only reason for this is my lack of patience with stupidity.

Don't misunderstand! I'm sure a lot of people understood perfectly, and I'm grateful to them (Mistoline, Amethyst, thank you!). But I've also been getting entries from people that just like to fill out forms.

I apologize to those that did understand and did cooperate. I do appreciate you very much!

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