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1. Make A Wish

2. Choose A Constellation - Try to pick a constellation that matches the theme of your wish. If you don't see one that fits, just choose your favorite. For a list of constellations, click here.

3. Name Your Star - "Star of..." Try to pick a title that matches the theme of your wish. For a list of possible names, click here.

4. Submit Your Star - All areas of the form must be filled out. Please be sure to include a valid email address! If I can't get in contact with you, you can't be a member!

What is your name?

Your email address:

Name of your constellation:

Title (Star of...):

Your wish:

Why do you want to be in the club?

Why do you like Jacob Brent?

5. Wait For Reply! - If everything looks okay, I'll send you the "official membership letter." Once you receive the message, you are a Wishing Star!

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