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Jacob's Wishing Stars

I love Jacob Brent. I wish him all the happiness in the world. I'm sure many of you do, too!

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and Jellicles, I'm starting my very own Jacob Brent fan club. He deserves some recognition!

Make A Wish...

This club is very simple. Each member has his/her own wishing star. You use your star to make wishes for Jacob.

For example: "I wish for Jacob to have a nice weekend."

Simple as that.


Obviously I can't control what you wish, but this is a fan club! Right now there are only two rules, and they're both common sense.

1. No Negative Wishes!

Example: "I wish for Jacob to have a horrible weekend."

Remember, this is a fan club! We're trying to help!

If you hate him and want to hurt him, why in Heaviside are you joining a fan club??

2. No Selfish Wishes!

Example: "I wish for Jacob to fall in love with me."

That might be good for you, but we're thinking about Jacob here!

If you want to make wishes about various topics, choose a constellation that interests you. Give your star a title, fill out the form, and wait for my reply!

Constellations have meanings.
(Bet you never realized that!)

If you want to make one particular wish, choose a constellation related to your topic. Submit the name of your constellation, and the title of your star. Fill out the rest of the form, and again, just sit back and wait for my reply!

Example: My star is Vega of the Lyre (Alpha Lyrae).
Constellation: Lyra
Title: Star of Bright Performing Talent
Wish: "I wish for Jacob to always keep his wonderful talent."

Wondering how I got all that from one star?

Lyra is the lyre, the lyre represents music or performing, Vega is the brightest star in Lyra.

Click here for a list of all of the constellations and their translations.

I've been researching stars and constellations for a long time now, and I can honestly say that I now know more about constellations than I ever cared to know. Still, I'm not finished yet!

Here are all of the things that I am still working on.

1. Many constellations have myths surrounding them, and right now I'm using those myths to come up with meanings for the constellations. For now, you can go by the translation of the name, but when I get the other meanings up, you may discover some new ideas you hadn't considered.

2. I'm also working on finding the names of the stars, but that could easily take forever. For now, we're going by the Bayer system.

I warned you! Now you see what I meant by "major construction"!

When you submit your constellation, I'll send you the name of your star. The first person to choose a constellation will get the Alpha star, second Beta, etc.

See the Member List!

Submit Your Star!

***Before you submit a star, PLEASE read the FAQ!

What is your name?

Your email address:

Name of your constellation:

Title (Star of...):

Your wish:

Why do you want to be in the club?

Why do you like Jacob Brent?

Email me at

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