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Chapter- 3

Macavity was always favored by his father. He was into trouble and worse than his own parent. He always tried to deceive humans that he wasn't at the scene of the crime. And his father liked that.

Winter remembered that one night when all her world was broken.

The family was at home, except for father and Macavity. The 3 other kittens were at their mothers feet as she taught them their lessons for their studies. A storm whistled and raged outside, but they were curled up together by the hearth and paid close attention.

Then, all of a sudden, the door burst open and a gang of Toms stepped in. Winter's mother screamed curses at them until a ginger tabby strode in beside his father. "Hello mother. I see you have your little favorites. Can't wait to see them you." With that Macavity reached out and slashed across his own mother's face and neck. She tried to fight but one more blow finished her silently.

Now Macavity turned on his siblings. "Oh, who's gonna protect you guys?" A wicked grin shone and he grasped Peaches (his littlest sister) by the neck and snapped the life out of her.